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Labstat System


  • A Plating Test Cell (PTC) with an external thermostat

  • Temperature control is improved to +/- 2 Deg. F

  • Use one thermostat for all your PTC’s

More and more plating labs are using the Labstat.

Why? Because it has what they need!



Ordinary hull cells provide a temperature variation of +/- 10 deg F. The Labstat PSC Thermostat can provide a temperature variation of +/- 2 deg F.

If process solutions are held to a high level of accuracy why shouldn’t laboratory solutions be held to the same standards?

By plugging the power supply into the Labstat PSC Thermostat (Power Supply Control) the user can control the duration of the test with the thermostat’s timer.

With an ordinary hull cell too much time and effort goes into checking and adjusting the temperature, not only before the testing begins but also during the test. The Labstat System eliminates the constant checking and re-checking of the temperature and allows the technician to do something else while the test is running, imagine that!


•The Labstat PSC PE is a very safe and versatile laboratory solution heating system. The system uses a variable power heater, which reduces its output when the temperature of the heater becomes excessive, effectively shutting the heater off.


•It’s common practice to use one cell for each different solution to prevent contamination of the solution being tested; since the Labstat Plating Test Cell (PTC) has an external thermostat several cells can be used with one Labstat PSC Thermostat saving money by requiring a less expensive cell.


•The Labstat PE PTC is a solid block of polyethylene, machined with precision; it will withstand almost any plating solution. It won’t leak at the seems (because there are none) and it won’t crack.


The Labstat PE PTC is universal by design; it will accommodate any plating solution that requires heat or air or neither.


The Labstat PSC Thermostat is designed to safely control the temperature of all laboratory solutions.

•It may seem like overkill to have the capacity for heat and air in every cell but as times change so do the requirements for plating test cells, in the future you may want to use the cell for some other solution.


The Labstat PE PTC can be cleaned easily by removing the air chamber plug and heater for thorough rinsing.

If need be it can be soaked clean/leached and then used for new requirements.


Do you have a graveyard of Hull cells?

Many of them serving only half their purpose?

Some with heat but no air?

Some with air but no heat?

Some with heat and air and a thermostat that doesn’t work?

What good are these cells?

Why do you keep them around?

Probably because you don't have the heart to throw them away!


Get rid of your graveyard and buy a Labstat! The Labstat System Complete includes the external thermostat with power supply control (PSC) and the Labstat PE cell (polyethylene) which is designed with the capacity for heat and air.

For information and your nearest distributor please call or Email

us at 918-455-4411 or contactus@eciato.com.


Labstat Components List
Labstat V2 System Complete (part # LS008)
Includes Labstat PSC V2 Thermostat with
Power Supply Control, RTD, heater and cell with
integrated air sparger.

Labstat PE PTC (part# LS002.1)
Includes polyethylene cell with integrated
air sparger and heater.

Labstat PE PTC only (part # LS003)
Polyethylene Cell with integrated
air sparger. No heater.

Heater only (part #HC002)

Heater with Coupling (part# LS004.1)

RTD only (part # LS005)

Labstat PSC Thermostat V2
(part# LS006.2)

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