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List of Supported Equipment Suppliers. Feel free to visit the websites. Please know that we are the representatives for these companies in this 5 state area and would be glad to assit you with anything you need. Let us be a part of your company.


Gizmo Engineering

LIQUID LEVEL ALARMS, INDUSTRIAL TIMERS Foolproof, durable process control products. Simple to install and operate by design. Gladly customized for your needs. www.gizmo-engineering.com/

Labstat System Complete

● A Plating Test Cell (PTC) equipped with an interchangeable thermostat. ● Temperature control is improved to +/- 2 Deg. F. No more +/- 10 deg F. ● Use one thermostat for all your Plating Test Cells.

Electroplating Consultants International Anode Basket with Insoluble Anode

The type of anode basket shown has been designed for acid tin applications and uses 1" diameter balls. The design eliminates tin bars and the formation of tin spears which slowly dissolve and leave less and less anode area as well as eliminates tin spears to be recycled. Applications for other solutions are possible. Please call to discuss.

Aldonex Inc.

Power Supplies

Process Technology

Wet Process Heating and Cooling Equipment

Anode Products

Anode Bags and Filtration Systems

Floking Custom Masters

In-Tank Filtration and Agitation

Alar Corporation

Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Alar Flex-O Star

Flex-O-Star® Automatic Chemical / Batch Treatment / With Auto-Vac® Filter ALAR’s Flex-O-Star® system provides comprehensive wastewater treatment for water-based effluents, slurries, and problem wash waters. The design is universal and works with virtually any industrial liquid waste. The entire process of the Flex-O-Star® is automatic, which is built on a structural steel skid, pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation. The Flex-O-Star® Incorporates A Two-Step Wastewater Filtration Process: Chemical and Mechanical. The first step, chemical treatment, breaks the solids and liquids apart by automatically adding chemical pre-treatments such as pH adjusters, polymers or clays. The second step, mechanical filtration, physically removes the precipitated solid particles from the sludge. The Flex-O-Star® Features: 12 Filter Sizes Auto-Vac® Filter Technology Easy Operation A Variety of Batch Treatment Options Ideal For: Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Metals Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) . For additional information go to www.alarcorp.com

Witt Lining Systems

Flexible Tank Liners

Harrison Plastics

Fume Scrubbers and Related Plastic Components

Kocour Corporation

Laboratory Supplies and Reagents

Metal-X Corporation

Nickel and Copper Strippers

Met-L-Chek Company

Non-Destructive Testing Products (NDT)

Pro-pHX Company

Acid Additive

Republic Anode Manufacturers

Lead Anodes and Related Products

RGF Corporation

Water Evaporators. www.rgf.com

Wipco Company

Pumps and Filter Systems

Service Filtration Company

Pumps, Filter Chambers, Filtration Systems, Filter Media

Galway Company

Galway 400 Series Pumps. NO BALL BEARINGS TO REPLACE - EVER 1 YEAR WARRANTY! Heavy 1 1/2” Sch. 80 pump tube (.200” wall). ECTFE, FEP and Hastelloy® C wetted parts. Easy to disassemble threaded connections. Heavy Duty Free Hand weld. Standard on each pump: Hastelloy® C shaft. Suction Strainer (No height added!) . Cam Coupler discharge connections . Standard Features: Low Maintenance, Bearing-less and Seal-less Design . Pumps are interchangeable on all Galway Motors. Mixing tubes interchangeable with pump tubes . Quality Materials-FEP, ECTFE wetted surfaces . Hastelloy C-276 Shaft is standard. Economical Repairs- All parts easily and inexpensively replaced. Available in 316 SS, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF or custom plastics. Custom lengths available (Standard length is 40”) . Factory rebuild service available. The Galway W Motor 1.1 HP, 16,000 rpm - Flow up to 50 gpm . Extra Heavy Duty varnish on all windings. Epoxy coated Aluminum Motor Housing is interchangeable on all Galway Pumps . Continuous Duty .

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